Life Members

The Seaford Junior Football Club truly appreciate the efforts of all volunteers and pay special tribute with Life Membership, to those of continued and special service.


The club also values the input and experience of the Active Life Members.


Please find below the current Life Members of the Seaford Junior Football Club;

1975 B. McFarlane

1976 G. Mather*

1977 D. Behets

1978 F. Stewart*, J. Tobin*

1979 G. Cooper, A. Daw*

1980 R. Tuck, J. Bleeker, D. Meggs*

1981 N. Cathie*, J. Hornsey, A. Harrison*

1982 B. Bindloss, E. Harbour

1983 G. Burt

1985 K. Barley, P. Barley, F. Thornell

1986 B. Fawcett

1987 W. Fisher*, B. Jones, L. Prentice*

1988 C. Philp, D. Cooper

1989 B. Dupas, N. Godkin, J. Bobrowski

1990 D. Cornell

1991 T. Barry

1992 Di Cooper, D. Casey, P. Kemp

1993 C. Dupas*

1994 B. Maher

1995 D. Richardson*

1996 D. Dalrymple

1997 J. Davis, D. Cotterell

1998 J. Underwood

1999 M. Dalrymple

2000 W. Bruce*, D. Walton

2001 F. Tobin

2002 G. Edgerton

2003 Terry Miller, K. Edgerton, M. Lehner

2004 T. Richardson, E. Hughes, M. Hughes

2005 D. Lonie

2006 S. Bearman, G. Woolard

2007 Tina Miller, T. Nunn, W. Oliver

2008 S. Crawford, B. Lehner, J. Mooney, D. Solly

2009 J. Greene, G. Jones

2010 M. Davenport, D. Letho, C. Prestage

2011 M. Herbert

2013 P. Morris, T. Lloyd, K. Cook, V. Hayes

2015 D. Birtles

2016 A Mosca




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