All registered players are covered while engaged in training and official games.

Player Accident cover is 75% of non-medicare-cover expenses.

An Excess of $50 applies. Cover is limited to $2,500 per claim.

A Capital (disablement) amount of up to $30,000 is included.

Please firstly ensure that the Team Manager is notified, as soon as possible, if a player is injured at any stage.

Please see the Club Secretary for further details on insurance cover.

JLT (Insurer) Claim Form is available below to print and complete, as appropriate.


Ambulance Cover

For Your Own Protection  It Is ESSENTIAL That Any Family With Junior Sport Participants Ensure They Have AMBULANCE MEMBERSHIP Cover. (Example - Recent Ambulance Attendance to a game, with treatment but no transport came to some $900. ).With player insurance covering only 75% - Out of pocket expense = $225