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Season second half - Matches


8 18/06/2017   Seaford V. BYE  
9 23/06/2017 6.30pm  Mt Eliza Blue V. Seaford MTE Bottom
10 2/07/2017 10.20am  Seaford V. Chelsea Belv Main
11 16/07/2017 10.20am  Mt Eliza Red V. Seaford MTE Bottom
12 23/07/2017 10.20am  CarrPattLk V. Seaford CPL 1
13 30/07/2017 10.20am  Seaford V. Langwarrin Belv 2
14 6/08/2017 11.40am  Seaford V. Mornington Belv 2


      Match Reports      

Round 13

Today like in the first round was always going to be a tough game.

Langy always match up well on us and they tackled us really hard.

As a result they made it really hard for us to play our game.

Still a 4.5 goal win is always good and with 1 more game left in the home and away season it appears that we will go into the finals undefeated.

Then it's a different ball game so we must be at our top.

Great work girls.



Round 12

Today saw us up against a very small and young side in Carrum Pat.

Our focus was not about winning big but playing a good brand of footy and again this we did.

For half the game we allowed them to have 4 of our girls and this meant they played with 2 more than us.

This made it a real challenge after half time with our girls really helping them attack and defend.

Very proud of you all.

Let's keep pushing and extending ourselves!

Language next week so let's send another message.

Remember it doesn’t just happen.


Round 11

Today we came across a very determined Mt Eliza Red and being 3rd v 1st it was always going to be a good clash. I thought today we were still in holiday mode and this caused it to be a tougher game than it needed to be.

Our girls soon realised that they had to step up and we came away with about a 8 goal win. 

All the girls are really working for each other and a lot of good footy is being played.

With 3 games to go we are now cemented on top of the ladder but we now need to play our games to a standard that we are not giving chances.


Keep up the great work and remember WE MUST MAKE EVERYTHING HAPPEN.


Congratulations to Coby on kicking her first goal and then followed with another.

Also to Claire for filling in as Team Manager for a few weeks. We all thank you so much


The Ball has been put back so if anyone would like to go please see Claire, Nick or myself for tickets.


Round 10 

After a big build up as we faced the side that was sitting second Chelsea, we showed why we are currently undefeated. 

With all girls playing a big part we had a very even first quarter, but from then on we dominated the game winning by about 10 goals. 

With girls like Mikayla ,Dakota , Indy ,Abbey and Jayme all playing very solid games it allowed all the others to gain confidence and work really hard to win the footy. 

It's great to see how all the girls are really developing their skills and learning to play the way we are asked. 

Great to see Chloe get her first goal ! 

Keep working and take nothing for granted and the results will come your way. 

Go girls 


Round 9

After heading to Mt Eliza Friday night we were not sure what to expect, weather wise and our opposition.

And it turned out great on both accounts.

They were short of girls so we decided to give them 3 girls per quarter and this meant they have 17 to our 16.

But right from the start the girls were ready to go and we had another great win.

Extremely pleasing cause we also had girls unable to play. So it shows the depth of this team.

So proud of all my girls as not only do we listen and learn but they show great respect to all coaching staff both at training and game days.

Also not one girl whinges about having to play some time for the other side and they all know that we do only our best despite what jumper we wear.

Thanks girls.

Keep it going.

Thanks to everyone that helped with our duty night it was much appreciated.


Round 5

Today was shaping up to be our biggest test to date and you certainly came ready
Right from the start we showed why we were undefeated with hard tackling and constant pressure every time they went near the ball.
Again our defence was superb and our forwards had plenty of shots for goal. We ended up with 4 goals and 18 behinds but it could have been the other way and the game a complete blowout.


All girls are growing in confidence every week and as a coach l am very pleased with our constant improvement.


Frankston Dolphins next week  lets work hard, apply heaps of pressure and don't just think it will happen and we can have a similar result.
Remember. You get nothing for free so work super hard to achieve your goals.

Round 4

 After a even first quarter and a real battle ,Edi Asp kicked to a 2 goal lead at half time and l thought we may be in a little bother.

But after a bit of convincing that good teams find something we really applied the pressure and kept them scoreless in the second half , while kicking 5 goals and 7 behinds ourselves to run out fairly comfy winners.


Our defence was great all day with our on ballers running riot.
Then our forwards finished our good work.
So pleased about the way we are going so far but our biggest tests are to come.

Special mention to Mikayla for a sensational effort all day and her efforts to bring everyone into the game were outstanding.
Keep up the good work girls


Go tigers

Round 3

Today in average conditions we travelled to Mornington to try and make it 3 out of 3 wins this year -  And win we did.
Unfortunately they are struggling for numbers and we have them 4 girls per quarter.
All the girls did really well and this enabled them to score a goal.


But with the scoreboard coming down in the 2nd quarter the result was always going to be a large win.
Great work again girls and remember next week is our first big test.
Edi-asp at Glen street so let's focus and show them we want the number 1 spot


Go girls

Round 2

Round 2 saw us meet Langy at their ground in pretty good conditions.
We started well and soon had taken control of the game.
With Mikayla dominating and Dakota running everywhere it allowed us to go clear early.
Ella and Indi doing agreat job in the ruck and Abbey And Millie doing some great work up forward.
Our backs kept repelling Langies every attempt to score which was very pleasing.
All our girls are really working hard and this is showing on Sundays.


This weeks game is Friday night so let's show our supporters just what sort of footy we can play.


Welcome to our new girls Ella and Isla.
Great work girls



Round 1

What a great start to our newest team
Right from the start the standard of our footy was excellent
Not a weak link in the chain and this allowed us to have a massive win with lots of us kicking goals
Let's keep working hard and listening and it is sure to be a very rewarding season
Our captain this year is Dakota with Abby as vice captain and Mikayla and Holly as deputy vice captains. Congratulation to those 4 girls and I'm sure you will help all the girls wherever you can
Go girls

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