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Season Games - Part 2


8 18/06/2017 9.00am  F'Ton Dolph White V. Seaford Black Oport 2
9 25/06/2017 9.00am  Seaford Black V. Mt Eliza Demons Belv 2
10 2/07/2017 9.00am  Seaford Black V. F'ton Rovers Belv Main
11 16/07/2017 11.40am  Langy Roos V. Seaford Black Lloyd 2
12 23/07/2017 10.20am  Seaford Black V. B'bch YCW Red Belv Main
13 30/07/2017 9.00am  M'ton Bulldogs V. Seaford Black Narambi
14 6/08/2017 10.20am  Seaford Black V. CarrPattLk Belv Main



      Match Reports     


Round 13

Our little but mighty in talent U9 Blacks played visitors to the enthusiastic Mornington Bulldogs whom we've competed with previously this year and sure did put on a fine contest.

With our captains for the day being Jai & Kerim winning the toss and electing to kick against the breeze for a strategic final last quarter advantage with the wind in our favour it was certainly a day to remember on all counts.


The first half was well let's say I think we were all still asleep and Mornington definitely had the advantage. We did however managed to have the ball in the forward line just unable to convert. Luckily our backline led by Ben & Broadie restricted our components scoring ability. Some stellar efforts bringing the ball out though Caleb, Alex, Angus, Blake & Kye was a significant advantage.


The half time address had to give the team motivation for a big last half and kicking into the breeze into the 3rd quarter Gravity Zone training session on Weds night for training was promised if 2 goals were kicked. The team compiled FOUR goals through our midfield with Darcy, Noah, Tommy, Cire, Kerim & Jai. Coop's was a big stand out receiving best on ground from the opposition team with canteen voucher.


We certainly found the trigger for our team and although a financial investment the pleasure from everyone's satisfaction with the smiles from our MIGHTY U9's was worth every cent. I even had goose bumps which Dan (TM) agreed.


It was a stellar performance and the last quarter continued the 3rds momentum seeing another 6 goals kicked leaving behind very worthy opponents. Jax had a big last quarter with Mitch, Mason, Ted, Noah and Levi whom are all continuing to impress with their improvement along with everyone.

I honestly couldn't have asked for a better last game as coach this season and each and everyone of you have founded that with your individual efforts from different aspects not just the football skills.


It has been by all counts an absolute pleasure coaching you all this season and seeing you grow in your own rights. Have a great last game with Richie and I look forward to hearing the outcome with a Bintang :)


Cheers to you all.

Round 12

Our cubs played host to an energetic first year Bonbeach side on Belvedere #1 and post the first 10 minutes of Bonbeach dominating the ball the side never looked back.

Our game plan was very simple, we wanted to share the goal scoring and played strategically with Caleb, Blake & Noah kicking many of their first goals for the "Mighty Tigers".

Great leadership, sportsmanship and unselfishness was displayed by many of our second year players being Darcy, Tommy, Cire, Broadie, Kye, Jackson, Cooper & Angus to mention a few.


The parent's should be extremely proud of what "our" kids have achieved and can take a lot away from their individual development.


The days conditions were challenging with a breeze that was favourable for 3-4 goals kicking to the South. Extra motivation was given to the kids for a training session at Gravity Zone for the entire team and suddenly it was 20 degrees and an environment that was forever memorable.


With balanced rotations and great ball movement through the corridor the team compiled a season best tally of goals. The teams coach ended up officiating the game and didn't make it easy for them to achieve the great results.


Thanks goes to Eliza for filling the void of Team Manager duties and all volunteers weekly to ensure our kids get to enjoy every Sunday.

Round 11

On a mild, sunny Sunday morning, the Seaford Tigers Under 9 Black ventured down Peninsula Link to Lloyd Park Reserve to take on Langwarrin Kangaroos. Although the sun was shining, the wind was howling, and it was favoring the clubroom end with a 3-4 goal breeze.


Led out onto the ground by captains for the day Kye Hickey and Ted Delaney, the team fired early, kicking the first goal within a minute, before Langwarrin settled in and made it a tough contest, each team kicking 2 goals for the quarter. 


The second quarter was a much better effort by the Tigers, and although they kicked against the wind, the whole team played fantastic defensive football and held the Roos goaless for the quarter. Much of the play was between the arcs, and the ball zipped up and down both wings as both teams transitioned the ball well across the ground. Both Seaford and Langwarrin found it hard to penetrate the others defense, however Seaford managed to kick the only 2 goals for the quarter.


The third quarter was another tight tussle, and although Seaford had much of the play, the team couldn’t quite convert on the scoreboard. Despite peppering the goals, the Tigers only managed to kick two goals with the wind at their backs. The Tigers played a great defensive quarter however, tackling the Roos at every opportunity, and making it very hard for them to break through and score, the Roos only goal for the quarter coming from a long ball in that turned at right angles and rolled through.


The final quarter belonged to Langwarrin. With the wind at their back, they played a great brand of football, and for much of final stanza, the ball was played in the Roos forward fifty. Langwarrin were able to kick three goals to the Tigers one, kicked by Levi Sedgeman who kicked his first career goal.

Well played kids

Dan the – Team Manager – man.

Round 10

Our young Cubs hosted an energetic Frankston Rovers team to clear the frost off the ground of what felt more like being at Mt Buller than Seaford.

Credit to our kids and their parents for with standing the cold conditions to put on some excellent football once the blood was circulating.

Goals were flowing with the highlight of the day being Teds contribution playing at full forward his persistence paying off for 2. Multiple day for Cire, Broadie braved illness to kick a great lefty from 30 out with Darcy & Cooper being ever reliable also scoring 2&1 respectively.

Couldn't have asked for much more from our Tigers with us losing approx 7 players on the day.


We continued with rotations throughout the quarters to keep them active and the transitions didn't distract them from our weekly objective of ball movement/flow.


Well done to all of you for braving the conditions with a week off well deserved!


Go Tigers :)



Round 9 

Our U9 Blacks team played host to Mt Eliza Demons confronted with a chilly morning. Many thanks goes to Eliza for filling the void of Team Manager duties in the absence of Dan. I can’t neglect to mention Cass for time keeping in the freezing conditions also. Cheers for both volunteering to assist our kids. 


Our days captains were Blake & Michael. It was a great game by everyone, some special moments with Noah kicking his first goal and the multiple plays through the corridor was least to say impressive. It’s clearly evident the Wednesday night drills are rewarding the kids and upskilling them to implement such passages of play. 


Broadie kicked the perfect left foot goal from 30 out into the wind with Tommy & Cire having plenty of the ball throughout the day and contributing on the score board. Kye, Darcy, Cooper, Levi, Jai & Ben consistently adding valuable contribution for the complete 4 quarters through the middle & penetrating forward. Mitch, Alex, Jackson, Caleb, Mason, Kerim & Angus provided the team great intensity at the ball and worked hard to ensure we weren’t overrun.  


Great day for the mighty Under 9 Blacks 😊 



Round 8

Our young Tigers ventured out as guests to play Frankston Dolphins. With the coach neglecting to collect a player than attending incorrect ground around 2 minutes pre game it was a hectic start.


Thanks to Adam all our kids were on the field and roaring to go and "that they did" AGAIN.


With Darcy a renown ball winner being absent on a warm vacation the void was adequately filled by all our players with their skills note ably improving every week.


Cire, Kerim, Jackson, Tommy, Michael, Noah, Jai, Angus, Kye, Cooper & Levi impacting great ball movement through the corridor and creating goal opportunities.


Teagan, Ben, Broadie, Caleb, Ted, Mason, Alex, Mitch, & Blake consistently raise to the occasion with great presence for each other and show how important they are for us. We are looking forward to Chucky being back on Sunday and hope Ollie will make it back for the last few weeks after unfortunately breaking his arm at home. Get well soon Ollie from all of us mate.

Round 7

Our spirited Under 9's played host to Mt Eliza for a 10:20am game on #2 and following a slow start in the first 10 minutes they did nothing but impress themselves and supporters for the remainder of the game.


A clear stand out was Darcy whom displayed an impressive 6 goals and also ensured his team mate Noah kicked a goal not to mention Tommy also providing an assist for Alex's first goal as a tiger. We couldn't be prouder of their sportsmanship & leadership.


Stellar efforts from Cooper with an extraordinary mark on the boundary line in front of the home crowd, Kye & Angus's consistency through the middle of the ground. Ben, Broadie, Michael always reliable in defence. Ted & Chuckys determination to get their hands on the ball. Caleb had his first game for the team, Teagan has certainly impressed with her resilience and Mason continues to improve every week.


The team listens intently to improve on each quarter and always strive to improve, Jai, Noah, Jax,, Levi, Kerim & Blake have all shown why they are valuable to the team with everyone rotating roles equally. Couldn't be prouder of everyone's efforts.


Unfortunately Ollie being absent with a broken arm and Mitch suffering from stitches in his leg will return for the team.




Round 4

On what was a great Mothers Day morning the Cubs certainly disappoint their proud Mums with undoubtedly the toughest game to date against an impressive resilient Mornington team also in their second year.

The game was a testament to our teams effort and development over the past season  with significant skills noted on the improve and observed from our opponents. It was a well fought contest and the 5 goal second quarter was a highlight. Multiple goal scoring by Cooper & Darcy with individuals from Tommy & Cire it was certainly our defensive effort and football flow that secured the advantage. A stellar effort from Kerim, Brodie, Ben, Noah, Angus, Kye, Jackson all preventing goals.

Jai, Michael, Ollie, Mitch, Ted, Levi, Chucky, Blake & Mason all provided individual assistance and EVERYONE should be proud of themselves.

Don't forget 5th quarter all. Love to have more of the kids at the club and speak about the game. Thanks to Jax, Tommy & Coop for the brief game experience to the club.

Round 3

Our U9 Cubs played guest to a new Bonbeach team and certainly impressed all that were in attendance on a morning that was sure to test the wet weather gear. Luckily the rain held off for the 4 quarters.

It was a dominant performance for our kids although we were slightly out played in the 3rd quarter with the Sharks kicking their only goal of the qtr. Our tigers retaliated after the 3 qtr time break and continued from the first half dominance.  Post match Darcy & Tommy kicked 4&3 goals respectively with also goal from the days captains Mitch & Jackson. Ben & Angus added to the days tally with one each.

We are all proud of you kids with the individual development. They continue to implement what is requested of them and don't complain with the rotations to ensure all have equal opportune around the ball, forward and back. Keep up the great work Tigers. See you Wednesday for our home game on Sunday at 10:20am.

Coach Steve

Round 2

The young Tigers had the privilege of playing their first game at Belvedere with Eliza graciously filling the roll in the absence of our TM (much thanks).

Our team certainly didn't disappoint the home crowd with an abundance of goals from multiple players and we have to mention the special snap from Mitch Pauw. The flow of the football down the corridor and across the wings signifies the hard work is paying off from the commitment the players and parents ensure they are a united team. The intensity at the ball, man on man presence and vision is constantly improving. I'm proud to watch our young tigers roar! :)



Round 1

SJFC U9 Blacks made their debut against Frankston Rovers with 32 enthusiastic kids and supportive parents. Much thanks need to go to all involved with the logistical confrontation. Absolute credit to players, parents and the support staff, Dan TM, Clint (Ump) Richard (trainer) Adam (runner) with our last minute fill in for goal umpire being Cass. We left one important feature out :), overall not a bad result.

With 14 kids debuting they were extremely impressive. The young Tigers were roaring and winning a majority of the ball for the 4 quarters, kinking goals with 2 from the days captain Coop Tisdale. Other scorers being Cire, Alex, Prince. Attempted to rotate all the kids through the centre, forward and back line sharing game time. Even rotated 4 players per quarter to the rovers. It was a proud moment being associated with the club and thanks must go to the efforts of Devo in the background during the infancy. Let's go Tigers.


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