Club Uniform

The Club’s colours are Yellow & Black, similar to AFL Richmond.

Jumper :  the club supplies each registered player with a jumper prior to the start of the season. Players (parents) are required to keep clean and properly maintain the jumper for the duration of the season, and return it to the Team Manager after the last game.

Note: Club Jumper must NOT be worn during Training.


ShortsBlack football shorts, to be provided by parents.

Socks:  Black & Yellow hoops, to be provided by parents.

Boots These should be properly fitted, with NO metal stops.

MouthGuards : the club highly recommends the wearing of mouthguards during training sessions and games.

Mr. Alan Jackson fit players with approved mouthguards. (you will be notified of Pick-up day at the time).

He may be contacted at 52 Cranbourne Rd. Frankston, or on 9783 2238. Cost to be met by parents.