2017 Golf Report

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Round 7 - Sat. Aug 19 - 9.30am  Tirhatuan


Four seasons in one day.


Not a bad song by Crowded House but the conditions were atrocious for a round of golf at Tirhatuan Lakes (swamp).


We had sunshine, clouds, wind, rain, hail, showers, gales, micro storms and everything else in between mother nature could throw at us Saturday morning.


The course itself was wet, boggy, water logged and basically a low lying marsh which also had the added feature of rivers running across greens.


The format for this round was pairs Ambrose.






1st place – Junior Clubs / G-Bang nett 70.5


2nd place – Trophies / Elliott nett 73.5


3rd place – Scott / Chef nett 74.5


Last – Hip Flask / Punctual 78.25




Longest Drive A Grade – N/A


Longest Drive B Grade – Hip Flask


3rd Nearest The Pin A Grade – Junior Clubs


3rd Nearest The Pin B Grade – N/A


6th Nearest The Pin A Grade – N/A


6th Nearest The Pin B Grade – N/A


10th Nearest The Pin A Grade – Junior Clubs


10th Nearest The Pin B Grade – Scott


13th Nearest The Pin A Grade – N/A


13th Nearest The Pin B Grade – N/A




Next round is Saturday 16th September at Bayview Park Rosebud with a 7.30am tee off.




If you are interested in joining us please contact Shane Johnson on 0457 303 109.




Round 6 - Sat. July 22 - 10.20am  Mt Martha

Windy, cold, freezing, icy, Antarctic like conditions greeted us at Mt Martha on Saturday 22nd July for round 6.

With fewer players than normal due to the frigid climate, those who were there persevered with some players carding very good scores and some not so good.

Nearest the pins were set on holes 3, 5, 13 and 16 for both A Grade and B Grade with Dave Newell the only player to make a green which was on the 13th.

The 4th was designated longest drive, and with the wind coming from behind the tee, it was expected to have a number of players challenging for the 20 points on offer. Sadly no one from A Grade hit the fairway and Andrew Broomhall took out B Grade with a short 72m drive.

Winners for the day were;

A Grade – Trophies

B Grade – Chef

Naga – Pirate

Overall winner with the most stableford points – Trophies (second time this year too)

Round 7 is at Tirhatuan on August 19th and hopefully the weather will be a bit kinder to us next month.


Round 5 - Bay View - Rosebud (Sat. 17 June)


Dark. Cold. Cold. Cold. Cold.

That’s how round 5 at Bayview Park in Rosebud started on Saturday 17th June.

With 10 players in attendance, not a breath of wind and a course that was in mint condition, some champagne golf was sure to be had.


Junior Clubs and Punctual started well with nearest the pins on the 3rd followed by Dan and Buck achieving the same on the 6th.

No-one was able to put the little white ball on the dance floor on the 11th however Trophies and Buck again scored nearest the pin on the 15th.

G-Bang won longest drive for B Grade with an epic 82m tee shot on the 18th and no-one from A Grade was able to land it on the fairway.


Overall winners for the day were; 

A Grade = Dan with 36 points

B Grade = Buck with 35 points

Naga = G-Bang 19 points


Round 6 is on July 22nd at Mt Martha with a 10.20am tee off. See you there. 


0457 303 109


Round 3 – Kingston Links Saturday 22nd April

       Prentice Masters

Testing conditions with strong winds, slight drizzle a difficult course and a determination by all players to go out and score well with this being the first trophy event of the year.


A Grade

Overall winner – Buck 38 points

Longest Drive – Jacob

NTP – Junior Clubs

NTP – Trophies

B  Grade

Overall winner – Pirate 32 points

NTP – G-Bang

NAGA – G-Bang


Funds Raised = $260.00

Round 4 is at Safety Beach Saturday 20th May tee with off at 9.20am.

If you wish to join us for what is a sensational social round of golf, please contact Shane Johnson on 0457 303 109.



Round 2 – Mt Martha Golf Course Saturday 18th March


Perfect conditions, blue skies, light winds, mild temperature. All of the perfect ingredients for champagne golf and high scores.


A Grade

Overall winner – Hip Flask 38 points

Longest Drive – Dan McConnell

NTP – Junior Clubs

NTP – Hip Flask

NTP – Dan McConnell

B  Grade

Overall winner – Pirate 34 points

Longest Drive – G-Bang

NTP – Simsy

NTP - Pirate


NAGA – Trophies

Funds Raised = $190.00


Round 1 – Eastern Sward Golf Club Saturday 12th February


With a dreary and drizzly morning greeting all players the atmosphere was upbeat to get the season kicked off with some fine golf.

Problem was the golf was far from inspirational.


A Grade

Overall winner - Trophies 42 points

Longest Drive – Scott Foulds

NTP – Junior Clubs 


B  Grade

Overall winner – Pirate 45 points

Longest Drive – Levi Hughes

NTP – John Moody

NAGA – Bruce Supple

Funds Raised = $208.00


The golf Section is now 23 years strong, operating since 1994, with a $10.00 annual membership, open to family and friends of the Club.

Generally played on Saturday (once a month) through the footy season, with the "Seaford Open" being held in October.

The Golf Captain is responsible for setting handicaps for each player, based on their official handicap if available, or after 2 rounds with the group.

An early event on the calendar is the Prentice Masters.

After a minimum of 2 games, players are eligible for the "Open".

There are A and B grades, and prizes are awarded in both divisions to financial members.

Golf is generously mixed with fun socialising.

We really encourage all supporters and friends to come along and have a hit!