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Presidents Report

Round 11


Hope you all enjoyed your week off.

A cold windy day welcomed us back, and a late start was nice, for some.


We must ensure we start games on time and keep breaks to the scheduled time limits, one game runs late then they all do, especially the early games.


We have to ask you to please NOT celebrate milestone games or wins etc with splashing water bottles in the rooms. We had a young-un slip on water not cleaned up and it's not fair on the teams playing after you. If you make a mess please clean it up.


The ball numbers have been poor, as a result we have postponed the event till late in the season. Please support this major club event.

It'll be a quiet Sunday next week with only 3 scheduled home games out of 15 teams, not ideal but it is what it is, we'll make do.

Enjoy your week and good luck.


El Presidente

Round 10

Round 10 and we head into the bye round.

9 games at home makes for a busy day.

The canteen still continues to give us great service, the bar on a Sunday night is pumping and the Sunday night dinners are rocking the joint. Thanks Leta for the Nachos c/w chilli con-carne and thanks Shona for the chilli sauce!

We have taken supply of two new state state of the arts tills for the canteen and bar which makes sales much easier.

The new scoreboard is scheduled for the 18th of July so plenty is happening off the field.

The ball is fast approaching so get your tickets ASAP as seats are limited. $50 per head is great value.

Fees are well and truly due so please ensure you are paid up.

Enjoy the break and I'll see you in two weeks.


El Presidente

Round 9

9 home games on a cold Sunday, that wind chill factor was a shivering 5 below surely.

Dumplings were on the menu, absolutely scrumptious, roast beef for tea, place is pumping.

To the parents, please ensure you are aware of where your child is at all times. We can't have children playing outside our comfort zone as we can't ensure their safety.

They must remain within the lighted areas.


There's been a lot of argy bargy about the set up of the U16/17 comp for next year. I can assure you that no decisions have been made as to which way the League are going to go.

The AFL Sth East have a preference for an U17 comp with top age and bottom age 17's, that would mean our U16 guns would be bottom age 17 whilst our U17's would be top age.

Theoretically nothing would change other than the name but as I said, that's the AFL's preference NOT the clubs.

They still have to have 75% of clubs agree to the change.

Most clubs prefer a stand alone comp but if that's not possible a combined comp with the MPJFL would be the next best.

Stay tuned.


The ball is coming up, please promote the night as it's our biggest fundraiser for the year. It promises to be a big night.


Team photos start this week, please ensure you're on time and ready to go, if you can't make your scheduled time, pop in any time and get your individual photo done as it can be added to your team photo later.

Melissa, who is again taking our photos, has been doing them since 1991, what an amazing effort and partnership.


I received a text from the Mounties Prez on Friday night, sometimes these texts are the bearer of bad news but not on this occasion.

It was a massive thank you to Mal Lehner, our U12 girls coach on his demeanour and that of his TM and his girls, congratulating them on their sportsmanship and efforts to ensure a rewarding night for all. They played the Mounties under lights and were a great example to others as to how this game should be played. Congrats Mal and the U12 girls.


Prez out.



Round 8

The season is half way gone, wow that's gone quick, kudos to all the representatives of the InterLeague carnival who represented the SJFC with pride and distinction. You done us proud.


After last rounds massive day we eased back into the season with only 4 games, say what?? Nice way to start but not good for the bottom line. Oh well. Back to normal this week, 9 games.


The hot meals are going down a treat. Missed out on the hamburgers but if you snooze, you lose.

Well done Leta on a ripper job. They will continue each week for the whole season. It's really bringing the crowds back in.


Thank you to the duty team, U15 Blacks, great job on a busy night.


Farewell to Senior VP Garry for 4 weeks as he embarks on a trip to Cape York, stay safe fella and see you when you get back.


On a serious note, we send our best wishes to the Pines U19's player who collapsed at the Pines V Mounties game on the weekend and needed to be revived. Lifecare Physio's were on hand to perform CPR and by all accounts he is expected to make a full recovery.

I'm involved at the U19 level at Seaford so this hit close to home as we played against him just last week. He's a real nice kid and we wish him all the best.

There's a reason all Senior Clubs use Physiotherapists and I am extremely grateful that we too have a fully qualified physio on hand each week.


There's a good reason why.


Good luck to all teams for next week. Go Tigers.

El President.





Round 7

A big day was had for round 7, 12 games, a full book, thanks to all the players, parents and families for making it such a fantastic day with no hassles to speak of, thanks for all your efforts.


The ball is fast approaching, 21st July, seats are limited so get in early to avoid disappointment. $50 ph, see your TM for details.


Today was the Quit Challenge round, generally our parents (opposition parents too) have been very supportive of this initiative. We thank you for respecting the Leagues policy and making our job easier.


A week off for the Queens Birthday InterLeague carnival, good luck to all participants, we know you will do our club proud.


Roast beef night was another huge success, we're getting the crowds back and having fun to boot. Thanks to the U12 Yellows for being the duty team on a tough night.


Enjoy your week off, I know I will.




Round 6

6 rounds down and the cold weather hits, winter is coming John Snow.
Great numbers tonight at the rooms, great atmosphere and plenty of positive reports from the coaches.
Fantastic to hear of all the players playing their milestone games, always popular with the crowd, and with their team mates.
Don't forget the ball is approaching, July 21, $50 per head. Great Gatsby theme.
See your team Manager for details.
Big week ahead with the St. Kilda boys, Leigh Montagna and club legend Jack Lonie visiting Monday and Peta Searle taking the girls Tuesday.
Promises to be a big big week in football.

Round 5

Round 5 and the fixture is out, we had 10 games at home today, a big day for the club.
The amount of support we get is brilliant, thanks to all the teams especially the U9's who get us off to a great start by putting out goal post pads, cook the bacon and eggs etc, trust me, it's really appreciated.
The place was pumping tonight with Chicken Currie on the menu, thanks Paula for making such a beautiful dish.

The Trivia night was a raging success, congrats to the U15 Blacks on their great win, and to all the teams that had a table, thank you too.
Big thanks to Leta, Paula and Garry who worked their butts off to make it the success it was.

Good luck next week for all the teams
Go Tigers.



Round 4

Happy Mother's Day to all mums today, without you none of us would be here, and thank you to all the mums who made it back to the rooms tonight, it's much appreciated.
Don't forget the Trivia night is this Friday, our first function of the year.
It promises to be a lot of fun.
Thank you to all the helpers of each team, you do a wonderful job supporting your coach and team Manager, I know your kids get a kick out of seeing you helping and your club dos too.
The fixture will be out soon, please be patient and we will post it as soon as we get it.
It's a very difficult process to schedule 178 teams week in week out and the League is doing a wonderful job in a very tough job.
Round 5 coming up, Go Tigers

El Presidente



Round  3

A cold wet morning greeted us today as we welcomed round 3.
A big day ahead with 10 games was meant to test us but we did it with ease.
When you have a great committee working together things get done.
We also appreciate the work of our U9 champs who cook the bacon and eggs each week, this week the Mighty Yellows got the job done.
Thanks to all the parents who volunteer and make our roles easier, it's much appreciated.
Vale to Mrs Maxwell, Shane's mum, who passed away last week.
A real work horse at both the junior and senior club, she will be sadly missed.
RIP Mrs. Maxwell.
Exciting news as we announce the purchase of a new electronic scoreboard for our Main ground. Looking forward to that be installed in a few weeks.
Mother's Day next week and we're business as usual.
Don't forget the trivia night coming up on May 19, book early to avoid disappointment.
Go Tigers



Round 2

Another fine day presented itself for round 2 where we had 7 games booked in including our newest team our U9 Tigers.
Thanks to all the parents for making the transition so easy and for being so accepting of the split.
Thanks also to new coach Tony Poole for outing his hand up and new Team Manager Peter Taylor for supporting him also.
The place is definitely jumping now on Sunday nights, pizzas 🍕 went down a treat, and meals will be served each Sunday night. 
The merchandise shop is up and running, our new Merch girls Tiffany and Annette are super keen so if you need to show your colours they're the girls to see.
They've also doubled up to be our Social coordinators alongside Cate. They're really pumped to have a jam packed social calendar so keep your eyes out for notifications.
Our Exec have been working hard as always, thanks to Leta, Garry, Paula, Mick, Tony, Luke and Craig for all your efforts so far.
Dena in the canteen is a superwoman, broken neck, broken foot, na I'll still run the canteen, awesome effort Dena, PS, where's my chillies 🌶?
Must mention as SHerbert too, Sammy who's been helping a Dena in the kitchen, great effort.
Round 3 promises to bring more fun and excitement to the club.
If you haven't experienced our coaches corner, come on down, it's a lot of fun.

El Presidente.


Round 1

After a long and fun filled pre-season we find ourselves again in football season.
A new committee was elected in the off season and we take this opportunity to thank all the previous committee members for their valued input and efforts.
We hit the ground running, trying to shore up teams with too few and fix teams with too many.
We placed
a massive amount of energy in to the future of our club, our U9 legends and they responded, well over 65 little Tigers running around and we now find ourselves having to split one team into two giving us 3 U9 sides for the first time in about 3 or 4 years. A really pleasing outcome.
Our Auskick is taking off too, a new coordinator in Beau Cannon, a Seaford senior player and former Seaford junior, who just wants to put back into the club. Over 60 members so far and that's just week one.
A off season injury to our canteen guru Dena, threw a spanner in the works but like a typical Tiger she still rocked up for round 1 in a moon boot, back brace and mobile trolley to get around what a woman !!
Again we have over 400 players putting their trust in the SJFC and we won't let them down.
3 girl’s sides show how the game is evolving and now presents unlimited opportunities for ALL our players.
Please ask your Coach or Team Manager what you can do to help.
Remember it's YOUR CHILDS TEAM, they get a kick out of seeing Mum or Dad helping and it makes life easier for the Team Manager.
Remember, we aren't playing for sheep stations, encourage ALL players and be appreciate a great play or mark even if it's the opposition.
Let's be better than them.

El Presidente