What's a Duty Team.....???

Sunday Evening Social Roar!! The 5th Quarter……..

At the Seaford Junior Football Club we have a Duty Team each week….

What’s a Duty Team????? Well Thanks for Asking….

A duty team is one of our teams who help on Sunday Nights between 5.00pm and 7.00pm, players and family members from that team each week cook the sausage sizzle, help man the canteen, sell raffle tickets for the adult raffle and kids raffle….( kids raffle is free !!) Empty full bins, Clean and put away BBQ...

Each Team will be a Duty Team, Once for the Year!!!

If Everyone Does a Little Bit……..


On behalf of everyone at the SJFC, Thank You in Advance!!

Go Tigers!!!


*** Note: Not the job of the duty team, but how great would it be if everyone placed there rubbish in the bin, pushed there chair in, placed glass’s on the bar before leaving the 5th Quarter on Sunday Night Roar…. ***

If Everyone Does a Little Bit……..